Export problem in dhis2


Note that the reply-to address is not the list.I’m including the list again here.

Your version is very old and your problem has been fixed in a later version.

We are about to release 2.0.5 in a few days and I recommend that you upgrade your system to this new release.

Also note that we released a stable 2.0.4 in April (rev 1742) which is also a lot newer than the version you are running.

Any particular reason why you haven’t updated your system since rev 1586?

Given that you are on such an old revision and we have done a few major changes to the database model (especially to categories, group sets, and datasets) I recommend that we work together on upgrading your database and application to 2.0.5, as simply replacing the war file now will most likely not work given your database structure and might even harm your database. While waiting for the 2.0.5 release what you could do is to test with the 2.0.4 stable release:

1 Stop DHIS

  1. take a backup of your database

  2. download 2.0.4 release .war file (from dhis2.org)

  3. assuming you are running tomcat or jetty: delete the old webapps/dhis folder and webapps/dhis.war file and put the new .war file in webapps/ (rename to dhis.war or whatever you prefer).

(If you are running DHIS2-Live (embedded Jetty) you need to extract the .war file (using 7zip or winrar or similar) to webapps/dhis before starting the application. Tomcat and standalone Jetty will extract at startup.)

  1. start up DHIS and keep an eye on what is happening during the startup routine (see your most recent log file in /logs).

Let us know how it goes.


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On 30 September 2010 08:51, Damilola damilola@centrifugegroup.org wrote:

Thank you ola. Find below requested info;

Version : 2.0.4-SNAPSHOT - rev:1586

I’m using mozilla

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Hi. Please provide version and revision number of your system and we

will try to replicate and fix the reported problem. You’ll find both

in the About DHIS2 window. Thank you. Ola

On 30/09/2010, damilola@centrifugegroup.org > > damilola@centrifugegroup.org wrote:

Hello all,

Why do I have exportDataAction as d file name during export instead of the

normal export format. If you import such file you get error in log 'not

supported header’ after successful failures on the import page.

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Department of Informatics

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Mobile: +47 48069736

Home address: Vetlandsvn. 95B, 0685 Oslo, Norway. Googlemaps