Event capture - Cannot save data after upgrade to new version DHIS2 39.2.1

Dear All

We are trying to upgrade our largest national instance from version 2.36 to version 2.39. Most of the issues we resolved are now stuck with the ‘Capture’ app. We are having issues with only one event capture, which is the largest and oldest. Except that all three other event captures are OK.

After data entry, we have error and message saying ‘Could not save event’ and at the log ‘IllegalStateException: Missing required properties: incidentDate’ The incident date is supposed to be in the tracker, but this is event capture. The log is attached.

Need urgent solution, where to look.

HISP Bangladesh

event-error.doc (36.8 KB)

Hi @Hannan

The error log appears to indicate that the issue is coming from a ‘program rule’ associated with the program during enrollment. Could you check all the program rules associated with this event program and check that they are all configured properly?