Event capture cannot be saved after updating DHIS2 instance to version 2.37.2

we just updated the DHIS2 instance that we developed for surveillance activities. We did this because we received information regarding server security vulnerabilities.
but after we updated to the latest recommended version, version 2.37.2, several bugs appeared, such as:

  1. Unable to register case on event capture. the ‘Save and exit’ button does not respond when clicked.
  2. The coordinates of the event location cannot appear on the map, even though this worked fine in the previous version.

does anyone have the same problem? Or is there anyone who can provide assistance regarding this problem we are experiencing? Thank you.

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Hi @Rio_Aditya_P,
Welcome to the community! :tada:
Great job following the security instructions. I’m sorry you are facing some issues and it’s best that you shared that. Please check (Issue Navigator - DHIS 2 JIRA) for version 2.37.2 and you’ll see the possible bug issues, so for the ones that you are facing but can’t see it mentioned then please create a Jira bug issue. (it will be helpful if you add screenshots and the network error log…

Thank you!