Event approval: status and bug impacting alternatives


Requests for event approvals have come up in the past in the community, for example in these threads:

the feature request is tracked in this (old-timer) issue marked as a To Do: DHIS2-120. Longer-term, is the event approval topic still part of the current roadmap?

Until the support for this process is in dhis2-core we need workarounds for event approvals.

One of the alternatives could look like this:

  1. Add a yesOnly data element (checkbox) to a program stage (or within its own section).
  2. Implement a program rule that hides the DE (or the section) if you are NOT assignee of a user role
  3. In all the Program Indicators of the program, additionally filter for the yesOnly DE to be true (meaning: filter events out that were not “approved”).
  4. Show line lists in Event Reports to track which Events are approved and which are not.

Bug: Unfortunately this process is blocked in step 2: the function to trigger based on user role membership does not function in the Capture app, i.e. the d2:hasUserRole function for program rule conditions: DHIS2-11977. This program rule function is the only one acting on the current logged-in user, so it’s unique, powerful, but broken.

For reference, here are two similar fixes made for Tracker Capture (but not for the new Capture app):

@Gassim would it be possible to look into addressing DHIS2-11977 for the next patch release 2.36.5 and 2.37+ please?


Thank you @David for this feedback. At ICRC we are blocked in our deployment for this issue. @Gassim is it possible to have this for the next patch releases?


Thank you so much @dhuser . As mentioned by @diallotafsir52 , it would be really appreciated if this issue could be solved in the next release, as it is blocking our project deployments.