Error when locally install DHIS2 on windows 10

Hi DHIS expertise,
I have difficulities when I installed DHIS2 on windows, I completed instaltion tomcat, java and postgres but when I go to http://localhost:8080/dhis it shows this

État HTTP 404 – Non trouvé

Type Rapport d’état
message /dhis
description La ressource demandée n’est pas disponible.

Apache Tomcat/9.0.29

Could you show me how to fix this?

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Would you please confirm in the Web Apps that the you have the dhis.war file pasted there?
Otherwise, if you renamed it (Dhis.war) to ROOT, then just type http://localhost:8080 and that will load the page accordingly.
Let me know if this helped.


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Yes, I put this file on web base folder. I do not change its name. It showed that tomcat intergrated with dhis but still not working with localhost:8080/dhis

Here is thing when I went to localhost:8080

Could you help me?

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Hi @doandinhytc, Can you please try downgrading to tomcat 8 and try again please? then see instructions here: I need help for installing dhis2 and Installing DHIS2 on a Windows Local Server.
Let us know if it helps.


It still not working . I think there is error here, could you help me to see which error is and how can I fix ?


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