Error when attempting to initial sync for Android application

Hi all,

I am running into the following error on Android when attempting to log in for the first time on an account I created for testing a new tracker program. Oddly the error does not occur for my Super Admin account, just for this testing account.

Cause: Something unexpected went wrong.

Exception: android.database.sqlite.SQLiteBlobTooBigException: Row too big to fit into CursorWindow requiredPos=62914, totalRows=51872

Created: Tue Aug 22 12:28:27 GMT+01:00 2023

Error component: Server


The instance is running 2.36.14.

I have deleted all user data in the app to make sure it wasn’t some kind of storage issue. Unfortunately I do not have access to the underlying server so I personally cannot check server logs or the database, but maybe this error will help point me in the right direction for further investigation.

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Hi @HaydnJ

What Android version are you using and would you share the type of mobile phone you are using? Did you try using a different phone?

The best that we can do is attempt to replicate the issue or understand its cause, and if we don’t have access to the logs, we could try several tests. For instance, a key point you mentioned is that the issue doesn’t happen to your Super Admin account so maybe that’s something to look further into:

  1. What’s the difference between the Superuser Admin and the other testing account (other than role and privileges)? I mean was the testing account assigned or given more metadata to download that the Superuser was given?

  2. If you try to replicate the Superuser Admin and then give it normal role authorities, are you still able to login? On the other hand, if you replicate the testing account and give it the Superuser role, would it work and you’d be able to login?

  3. Finally, what exactly changed between the two users?

  • And, would you by any chance be able to reproduce the issue on any of the instances?

I hope the above helps us get a closer look and investigate the issue further. Do you think other troubleshooting methods mentioned here (Android Troubleshooting (technical guide)) would help us?


Hi @HaydnJ,

thanks @Gassim for the reply, hopefully it would help find out the issue.

It would be great to have the chance to replicate the error. If you can share some testing credentials with us by direct message we could check it out. Data users and admins are usually different when it comes to data download, so maybe the problem is in data sync.

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