Error when adding new program stage

Error when opening a stage

Hi everyone,

There is an error share above that pops up when entering data in certain program stage or when I open up certain program stages. What I have noticed is that it pops up when I try to enter data for DEs that have a assign value program rule and on program stages where the assigned values are to auto generate. Furthermore, I have noticed since this error started showing every TEI that I have added on the database has not been updated to the server because whenever I am trying to run a report of my recently added TEI they do not show in the report. I have deliberately registered a client yesterday to see if I will be able to generate a report from her data but not even her name was showing.

This got me worried big time. My assign value program rules are working perfectly but it seems they are coming at a heavy cost.


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Best start would be 1) check network in Developer tools of your chrome browser. 2) Check catalina.out if you have access.

Most likely in network tab in developer tools, you should be seeing a http post request failed and there would be reason for that.

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HI Jins,
There is an error when I checked network which I was advised to checking the catalina.out and that seems to be an issue for me because I am not quite knowledgeable as to how to find that.



It’s important to check the Catalina.out log since this is showing a ‘404 Not Found’ error so please share it (without the sensitive info) if you can. However, for now I have a suggestion:

  1. Make sure that the user has the program stages and OUs access and sharing rights assigned properly

  2. Please try to clear the server cache from the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear cache and Reload apps

  3. please run the Analytics Tables export in the Data Administration app.

  4. After that please completely clear the cache from the browser, and to make sure it’s not a cache issue, visit the instance using Guest mode in your browser.

If you still see the errors after the above steps please check the import summary (What to do when an error happens? How to check the import summary?) and share it here.

Thank you!


I have performed all the above and the error was persistent thus I am convinced it is not a cache issue. Thank you for the link you shared as well. I have already forwarded the error to the person responsible for the server because I have no access.

Thank you

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