Duplicated widgets for some users in tracker program

Tracker program (Isolation) issues for some users in production:

*All screenshot was taken from end user

For our Palestine COVD19 instance, we’re running into a problem with one tracker program where the certain users (not all) when they navigate to view an old or new enrollment in the Isolation program

An enrollment is open as shown below:

It will show an empty Profile & Timeline Data Entry!
Also, if we click on “Show/Hide widgets” from settings, it will show a duplicated widget (20 times for each widget). We have multiple users with the same issue but not all

I tried the solution to clear “keyDefaultLayoutLocked” first & ended up deleting “keyTrackerDashboardDefaultLayout” for one user to test from the data store manager with no luck! - this solution is suggested by Markus in other topic https://community.dhis2.org/t/strange-tracker-capture-app-behavior/35594/4?u=hanin.saadah

My colleague also posted a ticket in DHIS2 Jira about the same problem
link: https://jira.dhis2.org/browse/DHIS2-10456

HAR file is uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-MWUNi-HvjkqT6JR1zvXhMA_yD3tE-Sh/view?usp=sharing

System version : 2.33.3

If anyone faced the same problem, please share the solution.

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Hey @hanin.saadah - how are you?

I think you need to delete the dashboard layout for the users. You already deleted the default layout, which should make sure new users does not see the problem - but now the users that has saved a corrupted version of the dashboard also needs to be cleaned up.

This can be done by running a SQL script to delete the user settings for affected users.
delete from usersetting where name=‘keyTrackerDashboardLayout’ and userinfoid in (select userinfoid from userinfo where surname = ‘thesurname’ and firstname = ‘firstname’);

Remember that after a SQL to change or delete, you might need to clear the hibernate cache in the “data administration” app, under the section “maintenance”, and select “clear api cache”.


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