Strange Tracker Capture App Behavior

Hey Folks,

Of recent we encountered a strange behavior for the tracker capture app whereby the TEI dashboard widgets get disorganized. The timeline data entry widget which is usually in the center automatically goes to the left in the profile section. when you drag it to it’s right place and save/lock the layout, it works well but when you move to another TEI, the same behavior comes back again.

Also on the show/hide widgets, all the widgets are duplicated up to 4 times. I am not sure whether this is related to this behavior but the tracker capture app is now very slow when loading events as opposed to how it has was initially responding.

We have tried to investigate different cases especially the user authorities and groups, updated the war file but the problem still persists. we are implementing DHIS2.31.2.

I will very much appreciate any bail out. I have attached some screenshots if they can be more helpful.


The problem has now escalated tracker events are not loading below is the console error
Error: $scope.dashBoardLayout.defaultLayout[$scope.selectedProgramId].programStageTimeLineLayout[$] is undefined
value/request.onsuccess@ @Calle_Hedberg @phil @ben

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Hi @amuramira,

our team from @dhis2-tracker will have a look and advise.


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Hi there @amuramira,
We have seen this happen sporadically with some users. The problem has been that the users accumulate some sort of corruption in their dashboard configs.

To rectify it you will need to delete the dashboard config for the affected users, or potentially for all users. This is done by logging in with an administrator account and opening the “Datastore management” app. Here, you must navigate to the layout key under “Tracker”. If the problem in your instance is so big that it is not feasible to fix the users one by one, then you might need to do a cleanup in the database.

We have not been able to single out what behavior causes it to happen, and are very interested if you are able to reproduce the problem after fixing it by deleting the corrupted layout.

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Hello Community,

Its been months my DHIS2.31.3 on Tomcat7 pg10 having issues with tracker capture. every other day tracker capture performance degrades considerably.

Flowing from this original post, the tracker dashboard started by duplicating widgets, then the layout got distorted whereby you can not fix it and save it as default layout, then events started taking longer to load (both for existing and new) and now we can not be able to view any existing stage data neither can we add a new event for all the stages.

I am hoping that someone out there can advise me on how to resolve this. the program is now unusable. Following guidance from @Markus i deleted all the users (apart from admin) hoping that this would solve it but unfortunately this was not the case.

What is even more strange is that i have two tracker programs configured on my instance and the other one is performing very well.

Thank you.