Does updating the Android Capture app clear locally stored data

Hello everyone,

This is an urgent matter and I’d appreciate any help I can get.

There was a bug (reported in community here) where users were unable to sync data on their mobile devices and this was a persistent issue for over a month in our case.

The v3 was released on google play, and a lot of users updated their app in hopes that they can now sync. Unfortunately though most of them are now complaining that they are unable to see or access the old local data which they hoped the update would allow them to sync.

Can anyone please explain why this happened? And how? And if we can get the data back somehow?

Thank you!

Hi @WumiOjo, could you give us more details on the problem you are facing?
For example, what version were you using before upgrading to v3?
You mention that users were hoping to sync data after the update, does this mean that they had data that they were unable to sync before the update? was that because of the reported bug?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for your response @Xavi!

Some of the users were still using the version from 2022(2.6, 2.7) and some others were on 2.9. And yes, they were unable to sync events because of the “bug” (not saving the AOC fields hence error), so the update was done in hopes that this was fixed and they would be able to save these fields and sync the events. But now, they can’t find these unsynced data.

Hello again @WumiOjo, we have tried to replicate this error without success.

This is very strange behaviour because we are very careful with deleting data. Can you give us more information on how the users updated the app? was it through the Play Store, or did they manually install the github APK? Did the users at any point revert from an newer version to an older one?

The android capture app does not allow previous versions to be installed in order to do so it must uninstall the newer version to do so wich will wipe all local data.

But that is the only time that it is done, other than through the settings menu.

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