: Capture App (v2.9.1) not storing attribute option combination after event completion

Hello all,

We have had recent complaints from users of the DHIS2 Capture App (V2.9.1) not being able to sync saved records. Upon closer investigation we found that the attribute option combination (Implementing partner) is not saved with the record and the sync process thus fails. We figured this out using the error message that users receive: ‘Valid attribute option combo must be specified since program does not have the default category combo’.

We have tried rolling back to V2.9.0 of the DHIS2 Capture App and the data syncs correctly without any problems so we know the issue is associated with V2.9.1 of the capture app.

We are, however, not sure whether this is a compatibility issue with our instance (Currently on 2.33.10-SNAPSHOT, but will be upgrading soon) or what might be causing the problem?

If the issue is with compatibility with our instance, is there any way to overcome this while the instance upgrade is scheduled and undertaken?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Hi @ACoetzer1988

Since you are in 2.33, it is possible that this gets resolved if you upgrade to one of the latest supported versions. If you search for “default category combo” on the CoP, you will find many topic posts with the similar issue, there’s also a bug issue which got fixed: [DHIS2-12649] - Jira

Hopefully the upgrade resolves the issue. Please keep us updated.


Hi @Gassim

Thank you for the feedback. I will be sure to update this post with an outcome once the instance has been upgraded.

Thank you!

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Hello @ACoetzer1988

I am facing a similar issue as the one you’ve described. Have you updated your DHIS2 version? and did the update resolve the issue you’re facing?

Hi @WumiOjo,

We have not upgraded the instance yet, but will have it done by the end of May at the latest.

In the meantime, we are having end-users manually correct the records on the app so that data can be synced before the users are reverted to an earlier app version.

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Thank you for your response @ACoetzer1988.

In my case, users are unable to save the value in the AOC (which in our case is a project) so we can’t even ask them to correct that yet and we are hoping an upgrade will fix these issues.

Thanks again for sharing this issue.

Hi @Gassim and @WumiOjo,

Unfortunately the problem persists after upgrading the instance to version 2.40.3. We get the exact same problem that prevents the syncing of data from V2.9.1 of the capture app (with V2.9.0 not affected).

@Gassim Any idea what we can try to resolve this now that we know the instance version is not the problem?



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Hi @ACoetzer1988 ,
We are preparing a hot fix release which will be delivered soon on Github solving this issue, you can se here details.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Hi @andresmr

Thanks for the update!! Its good to know we were not going crazy with what we were observing. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep an eye on Github for the release.

Thanks once again,


Hi @ACoetzer1988 @WumiOjo ,

We just released the patch version in github. Take a look:

Let us know if there is any problem. Thank you!

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Hi @Pablo

I have just tested the patch release and it works as expected, thanks!

Will this patch release become available directly on the Play Store as something existing users can update to? Or will the next version of the app contain the fix and existing users have to access the patch release via github?

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This patch won’t make it to google play as the next version will release soon.
Users would need to access this apk from github or the apk distribution web app if installed in the server.

Hi @Pablo,

Thanks for the confirmation.

Just for my own clarity. Will the new version that will be released soon incorporate the fix implemented in the patch release? Or will users have to prevent auto update until a later release?

Sorry for all the questions, but I just want to understand the situation.



Hi @ACoetzer1988 ,
Next versions and 3.0 will have the fix :smiling_face:

Hi @andresmr,

Thanks for the feedback and the quick assistance with my query.