Do you want a Wordpress Web Portal?

As you may know, creating a public-facing dashboard page, or web portal, is not easy for non-technical people.

LogicalOutcomes is working with Stephen Ocaya of HISPUganda to create a Wordpress plugin*, that will allow an almost effortless WEB PORTAL! The plugin provide a simple interface within Wordpress, entering DHIS2 credentials, selecting an existing dashboard, and specific charts. With a few clicks, a public-facing DHIS2 dashboard can be made.

When finished, this plugin will be shared for Free with the community.


-Would you use a Wordpress plugin to create DHIS2 web portal? Please comment below. The more people we can hear from, the better!

**-funders who can contribute a few thousand dollars to finish the development. We estimate $10K needed to complete, publish and maintain the plugin.

Let us know what you think!
-Sara Gaudon

*This plugin has been initiated by Catholic Relief Services’ Rapid Response Mechanism in Mali financed by USAID/OFDA.


Hi @sgaudon,

On behalf of the core analytics development team at UiO, this sounds like a wonderful idea and great initiative for the community to support. We are really interested to hear what the community has to say about this, and we really hope that you are able to find the financial support you are requesting because we’re sure this is something that would benefit the entire community!


This plugin will really ease the access to health data, I looking forward to have this plugin asap, Is there any specific deadline for the development?


No timeline yet, we hope to secure funds in the coming weeks. Thank you for interest.


Great idea Sara. My NGO would find this useful to ease our communication efforts with the public and stakeholders. I’m confident several other organizations share this sentiment.


This is a great idea and will go along way when targeting the public or MoHs especially when there is need to share some interesting findings within an organisations’ DHIS2 instances.


Brilliant! You might also want to develop a plug in for shiny apps. Shiny dashboards are becoming more popular in health as well. We are using this alot for advanced visualizations. Thanks


Thanks all for the support! We have connected with HISP South Africa who will offer developer support. Also Catholic Relief Services will contribute 1/3 of the cost. So we’re asking UiO now, for sponsorship. Stay tuned!


This will be usefull as WordPress is one of the most used CMS, I will be among those will test the beta version of the plugin


Hello - thanks all for your support on this initiative. LogicalOutcomes will proceed with funding from USAID/OFDA on a basic plugin, with with @stephocay and @carapai
We are still looking for funding from UiO/other sources to add more features and make available widely in the Wordpress plugin library - will keep you posted.


Hey all! A Quick update - we have initiated work on this Wordpress plugin using funding available from USAID (through project partner Catholic Relief Services). We won’t be too ambitious to start, and we have some volunteer contributions lined up. Scott recommends checking for additional grants to expand the plugin, which is a great idea.
We will share the finished plugin with instruction when ready.



Pleased to share: @stephocay (Developer of HISPUganda) and Catholic Relief Services (testing and secured funding from USAID) plus some volunteer Project Management form Yours Truly (LogicalOutcomes), have created a Wordpress-DHIS2 plugin for easy reports to public facing websites!

The code and plugin is on CRS’ GitHub page here

Full instructions and screenshots available. You can fork the code to advance the plugin as you see fit.

HAVE FUN @Scott @walid.waziry @pgallagher1 @Wamiti @marcelkazadi @INyabuto


Hi @sgaudon this is great news! Congratulations on getting it together! I’ll have a look as soon as possible. Please consider submitting into the app competition in annual conference. I think you would have a great chance of being a finalist. :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI ALL - UiO HAS TESTED THE PLUGIN and found a security issue with the plugin. Essentially it has embedded DHIS2 credentials in JavaScript. Unfortunately this creates a potential backdoor to allow the wordpress users to get access to more api resources than they should.

Bob, Morten, and Austin are working on a potential short term fix, and will be in contact over the next several days. We will also be working on a long-term more comprehensive solution for the 2.35 release that is currently scheduled for release in October.

IN THE MEANTIME - explore the plugin in a non-secure/dev space at your own Risk, and once UiO team identified fix(es) we will reply back.

FYI @pgallagher1



That’s great and Brilliant!, a lot of organizations if not all, want to communicate with the public and stakeholders, such an idea will bridge that gap and be of much use.

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Oslo dev team & Stephen are very close to having the security issue fixed up, thank you for your patience!


Hi @sgaudon, Is there any update on the issue and new version of the plugin?

The Wordpress plugin to create web portals is now LIVE - also a quick congrats are due.

LogicalOutcomes is proud to congratulate the winner of the 2020 DHIS2 conference custom application contest: a web portal plugin developed by @stephocay This plugin allows wordpress sites to pull select DHIS2 reports and content, so the real-time dashboards analytics that were available to DHIS2 users are now in public view.

This plugin was initiated by Catholic Relief Services’ Rapid Response Mechanism in Mali financed by USAID/BHA, and you’ll find the ‘DHIS2 Analytics’ WordPress Guttenberg Block plugin on Catholic Relief Services’ GitHub page


See below - it’s ready for use/the code can be forked and customized

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