Disable incomplete button

Hello everyone

Is there a possibility to disable Incomplete button in Data Entry app ?

I ask this because every time supervisors go to the field to update data in order to improve quality, they press this button and the country loses promptness.


@didate ,

One way I know of would be using the custom css/js feature

You can also use the custom css/js app as well instead of making the API calls.

We used this for an older version of DHIS. Hope it still works for the version you are using.



If your Supervisors arent responsible for data entry, you just need to give them only view access to the Dataset. This can be done through the sharing settingsof the dataset.


Thank you @rithvik, I’m going to try this.

@Barnabas_Akumba Thank you for your suggestion, the idea is to hide the button so that field workers do not use it when updating data.


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Hi there,

I have the same questions how can be disabled Complete/Delete buttons on Enrollment and DataEntry form for some the group of users. Any ideas?

Thank you

Regards, Ulanbek

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@rithvik it’s working perfectly

#undoButton {

@Ulanbek I guess you can do the same things


Thank you @didate for your reply. But this solution will affect all TEIs and all programs what I have. @Markus maybe you have any suggestions how the DELETE and COMPLETE buttons can be hidden for certain user groups? I believe this functionality doesn’t exist yet and would be great to assign as a user rights in the roles.

Thank you
Regards, Ulanbek

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@Ulanbek In the user role you can disable Delete action

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@didate I know it exists, but in fact it does not have much effects

Users still have access to the DELETE buttons in both sections.
I am looking forward in one day will be possible to disable the buttons: DELETE, DEACTIVATE and COMPLETE for group of users.



OK, here’s an approach that might work, but I haven’t tested it.

Using the custom css/js application you can retrieve the userGroups attribute from the /api/me endpoint, if this is the group for which you want to hide the buttons, you add with the JS a class on the buttons.

And finally in the CSS part you use this class to make display none

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There’s a related jira bug issue (User with no delete data value authority can still delete events)

Please feel free to add your input there too!