#DHIS24iNGOs call for topics and panelists

(Sara Gaudon) #1

Good morning afternoon and evening,

On behalf of Humentum and LogicalOutcomes, we are looking for panelists and interesting topics for the 2019 series of #DHIS24iNGOs; free webinars for new and beginner users of DHIS2.

This year we will host 4 or 5 webinars, on topics chosen by you.

For example last year, we were joined by BAO and DHIS2 team on topics including: metadata management, the new Android app, new data analytics features, and this CoP.

Past webinars are available here: https://vimeo.com/user28029896

Please be in touch with your ideas and offerings, we want to make these webinars useful and valuable for you.

Thank you,


(Sara Gaudon) #2

This call is still open, if any DHIS2 community member has an interesting use case to share, that is relevant to the NGO-non-profit community.

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