DHIS2 Visualizations on Samsung/Sony Smart TV

We would like to display visualizations on 65” Samsung UA65RU7100 and 65" Sony KD-65X7500H smart tvs but failing. We are having challenges with displaying disease dashboards sitting in DHIS2 on these screens. On a Windows PC or Android devices, the dashboards are displaying well but not on the smart tvs. Could you assist and put me in touch with someone who can assist.


Hi @schaipa smart screen web browsers are not specifically supported by DHIS2. You would have to plug in a PC to the TV via a VGA or HDMI cable to show the dashboard.

I suggest you also look at the smart display app - DHIS2 App Hub

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Thanks. I will explore the DHIS2 App Hub. I have been using HDMI. I am using this in the PHEOC and wanted it directly connected over the internet using the smart tv wifi facility

Thanks @Scott! (:

Welcome to the community @schaipa! I am using HDMI to connect to the TV too, but I never tried to connect directly from the TV’s internet browser. It’s not that I have anything to add to what @Scott has suggested, but I’d really like to know what is it that is failing exactly? What appears to be different? Thanks! (:


After inputing the DHIS2 URL and pressing enter, it gives following error message. On an PC or Android phone, it takes me the login screen

So everything is setup and you can login from your phone’s browser. I think this might be because the TV’s browser is making changes to your URL, would you please double check to see that the URL is exactly the same as the one in Android?

For example, if you use HTTPS in your Android but use HTTP in the TV’s browser, it will show this error.

I am able to view all of DHIS2 visualizations from play.dhis2.org instance directly in an LG smart TV (I don’t think Sony and Samsung won’t be able to do it.)