Dhis2 powerbi connector

Hi Team. I have been using the PowerBI DHIS2 Connector successfully to pull data from our DHIS2 application. I am suddenly not able to pull all records from the main data table using the same settings that worked before. Has anyone experienced the same issue. Any leads as to what could be happening. Thanks… Jonathan FHI360 CDC Zambia

Was the Connector ever updated to include indicators in the upload?

Hey @jona_mukundu,
I wonder if you are still facing this issue or were you able to solve it? What is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using (remember the app is compatible only with versions (2.29–2.32) link: DHIS2 App Hub

Please see if there are any logs that you can share to understand why it’s not working. Additionally, I hope you find this user manual helpful (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EQaWMhBSMqh7S-9ClY-sWCCB50XeEuG8/view?usp=sharing) shared by @mykbitz / @rgramajo

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I’d love to hear if there are any plans in the works to expand the PowerBI connector to work with event/tracker data!


Hi Natalie,

We are looking into the possibility of expanding the connector and I will reach out to you separately about it – thanks!


Looking forward to seeing this too. And of interest is the support fornewer DHIS2 versions.


Hi @katherinelew is there any documentation available on how to create own indicators in Power Bi when connected to DHIS2? For example BCG coverage, where you have BCG doses given every month and population under 1 year entered yearly.