Power BI uploads all OU instead of user OU

Is there any way I can restrict Power Bi from uploading all the OUs from DHIS2 when I use the connector? I am getting OUs from different countries even though I am using a user with Ous from my country alone.

Hi @luwizghie,

From the Power BI manual shared by @mykbitz / @rgramajo it says the following:

Which means you will have to make sure that the user you are using has only the credentials to the organisation units which you are trying to upload. If you can access it in your DHIS2 instance using the same account then it will be uploaded but if you remove the access rights, it probably wont.

Thanks! I hope this works, please let me know how it goes!

I guess I might be doing something wrongly. But I assigned only 22 OUs to this user and PowerBi s showing over 172+ OUs loading.