DHIS2 mobile App is still loading

Dear DHIS2 Mobile Team,
after i update to version 2.8, the loading is stuck after searching the existing, then click on TEI for showing program stage.

what should we fix it?

Best regards,

Hi @Channara

Thank you for your post. First, from the settings in the app, please check that the data is synced “Sync data now” as well as “Sync configuration now,” and check for app updates “software update” from the settings. Second, you might want to first force close the app and clear the cache from the App settings on your android phone. Third, go to Data Administration app in the web instance and use Maintenance to clear application cache and reload apps. After that if you are sure the internet connection is working properly, open the app again and search for program stage again.

If it’s not working, maybe we need more info. Please check the Android Troubleshooting guide posted by @jaime.bosque , you might want to focus primarily on Logs and Network because this might be exactly what we need:





Hi @Gassim ,
I tried follow your guide, but seem not work fine.
The DHIS2 android app v2.28 also work with DHIS2 instance used v2.36?


Hi @Channara ,

this seems a similar issue to this one [ANDROAPP-5361] - Jira. Could your error be related to program rules?

We are working on a fix and will release a patch version ASAP.


Great thank @marta and @Gassim for supporting. we are waiting the new fix release.