DHIS 2 server monitoring

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as DHIS 2 data volumes and user traffic grow, there is a need for sysadmins to perform monitoring of servers running DHIS 2 in a systematic way. By regularly monitoring your server(s), you can detect performance bottlenecks and fix problems early.

To help that effort, the developer team made several types of monitoring metrics available in version 2.33. The recommended approach for collecting, displaying and visualizing those metrics are through the Prometheus monitoring system and Grafana visualization tool. These tools are both open source and free of charge.

You can read the short version on how to configure DHIS 2 for monitoring here:

Monitoring install guide

You can find the detailed version on how the DHIS 2 metrics solution works here:

DHIS 2 metrics overview

You can find the guide for installing Prometheus and Grafana here:

Prometheus and Grafana install guide

We hope that sysadmins will give this a try and provide us feedback!




Thanks Lars! We’ll have a look with the team, this could help us a good deal getting better insights on our servers.



It’s nice hearing good news from you guys. We will try the tools right way, and share back any challenges if faced during the process.


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Dear Lars and team

This is great news.

Our server I’d running version 31.8. So we have to upgrade to version 33 to utilize these tools.

Me and my team will test this before production deployment.

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards


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Thanks a lot. It will really help us. We will try it soon.

Best Regards


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Hi Lars.

There is a missing ""
on prometheus installation guide:

mkdir -p data/prometheus (HERE!!!)
chown -R prometheus:prometheus /data/prometheus /etc/prometheus/*
Should be:
mkdir -p /data/prometheus

I hope you mean there is a missing “/”. Right?!

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Correct Ally

There was a significant error in the documentation for enabling monitoring in dhis.conf in the installation guide where it said the various properties should be set to true. The correct value is on.


monitoring.api.enabled = on

Thank you very much for the information

Best Regards