Data value not showing on the Data entry form

Recently we encountered an issue of not displaying data in the data entry form even we have entered it. Kindly help us. We are using DHIS2 instance Version:
Build revision:

Pic for more clarity

Thank you in advance

any response or comments??? please…

Hello @Sangay_Tenzin,
Thank you for sharing your experiences and challenges! It seems like similar questions like yours have been asked before so I would like to qoute the responses:



From the other posts, one common question is whether you’ve recently updated your system and does it affect all users?

If the above doesn’t work please make sure to include the following information and I’ll make sure to tag the right person to assist you.
Please read:

Thank you!

Just for quick review are the datasets completed and do you get the details for completion:

Thank you for sharing and guiding. I will try all the means and ways shared here and get back to you with the outcome.

Yes, we did upgrade our system around November 2020 and it was working fine until last week.

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Hi @Sangay_Tenzin I’d like to ask if you were able to solve the issue? Thanks!

Regret to inform, we couldn’t resolve the issue. We have referred to some experts and waiting for responses.

We tried as per your guidance, still, then we couldn’t fix it. Kindly share if you have other options.