Data extraction in DHIS2 mobile app

I want to know how to extract DHIS2 mobile app data.
All methods are welcome.

Hello @Geoffroy,

there is no official way to extract a backup of the data app (for security reasons) if this is what you mean. Check this other post in the community about this (Backing up a copy of DHIS2 with locally collected data in the cloud).

Why do you need to extract the app data? Are users getting any error at synchronization?

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My team is working on an application project that needs to communicate with the mobile version of DHIS2. We would like to be able to extract the data on demand and utilize it.

if there’s a service that lets you send application data to a third-party service without using the connection (sms or mms), I’d love to hear about it.

Ok, I see your point. I am afraid there is not out-of-the-box support for that right now. The Capture app does not expose a service to extract data and the environment in Android apps is isolated from other apps (for security reasons), so I can’t figure out a way to do it, sorry.


oh, I see. Thank your for answers

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Late to the party, but still, I don’t fully undesrtand why you want to extract the data from the Android app. Are those Android not being able to synchronize to a server? Why wouldn’t you take the data from a centralized server where all the Android have synced and therefore where you have all the data?

If the problem is due to connectivity issues you could work on having a local instance of DHIS2. This instance could be moved around to help Androids sincronizing to it and afterwards extract from there.