🐢 Custom Icons for Tracking Turtles Implementation


I would like to know if there is anyway to define your own/custom icons, apart from the predefined icons that DHIS2 is built in.

Is this possible? Maybe to put them in some folder? What about file type and pixels of them?

I have also seen that many of the icons come from “Healthicons.org”, but it seems to me that not exactlly all of them are imported in DHIS2. Is there reason for this?

Thanks a lot for your time.


Hi @kfeina .

Please check this: DHIS2 Android App - DHIS2 Documentation
and pinging @marcos.campos as he’s the person taking care of the design part of the App (among other things).

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Hi @kfeina ,

In 2.37 version, the DHIS2 Icon library was integrated into the healthicons project and was redesigned by its team of volunteers in collaboration with our design team. However, the healthicons library integrates icons from other projects and not all of them are DHIS2 icons.

As Jaime said, you can request icons folowwing the link from the docs, or directly to the healthicon.org group. (In that case, please let us know once the icon is design!).

We can only add icons with every new version (for now).





I checked it but the form (https://forms.gle/FkUmwfZGYAScd2326) doesn’t work correctly, at least for me.

If DHIS2 icons are a subset of healthicons, why not to have have the full package inside DHIS2 in future releases? I don’t understand the main idea of this.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @kfeina,

as explained above, the DHIS2 icon is a subset heath icons because healthicons added our DHIS2 icons library to their library together with some from other projects. The DHIS2 library is included in healthicons.org, not the DHIS2 library is the healthicons library, nor the other way around.

We will fix the form and let you know. You can also ask healthicons for new icons. And you can also let us know which ones for healthicons icons you need.

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Understood, thanks again for the information.

Basically I would like to have animal icons (something like this Free Icons for Everything - Noun Project), with the idea to track turtles.

Not essential and I can understand DHIS2 can not have icons for everything nor everyone.

This is why I asked about possibility of adding our own.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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:grin: very interesting! Hope you’d share a story in Implementation - Implémentation (User stories) about this project and your experience. :+1::+1:

Hi @kfeina!

@dhis2-android team fixed the link. Please continue to submit the request through the form. Considering this a ‘feature request’ and tagging you in the copmonthly. Thank you!


Many thanks!

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