CSV Optionset Import DHIS2 - 2.33.2: Error ("Allowed length range for property `id` is [11 to 11], but given length was 9")

DHIS2 version version 2.33.2. I am facing a challenge on importing an Optionset (CSV format) . The error received is “Allowed length range for property id is [11 to 11], but given length was 9”.

Notably: The Import works for version 2.32. However, when you upgrade to 2.33 it doesn’t allow to add new optiovalue to existing Optionset . For some reasons, I am linking this problem with the one reported on COVID19 here

The Optionset format sample is given below

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Hi @sele,

Thank you so much for reporting this issue to the DHIS2 CoP.

There were some fixes done to the Optionset import in the recently released patch 2.33.3. Are you encountering the same issue there?

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