Create Program indicator to sum DE across events

Hi community members

​I’m creating a Tracker form, which has 2 stages: one is non-repeatable and the other one is repeatable

I need to create an Indicator that takes data from a DE from the non-repeatable stage and subtracts the sum of a particular DE from the repeatable stages (all events). Something like this:

Indicator = {NonRepatableStage.DataElement1} - SUM{RepeatableStage.DataElement2}

What I’m getting is the Indicator takes the value of the last event, but I actually want the sum of the values of a particular DE of the events (repeatable stages)

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João X. Machiana
Systems Analyst and Programmer

Hi there Joao,

At the moment this is not possible to do within standard DHIS2 functionality. We are working on a change that might enable this kind of calculation, but this is not detailed and planned to a specific release yet.

It would be possible to make a custom SQL view that retrieves this. This option is a bit more advanced.

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João X. Machiana
Systems Analyst and Programmer

Hi @Markus and @joaomachiana coming across this post I wanted to understand whether this kind of calculation across the enrollment is now possible (in-form program indicators) – if not, and there is no existing JIRA issue for it, I created one here: [DHIS2-11488] - Jira
cc @GeorgeMcGuire