Create dashboard widget using DHIS2 Application Platform

Hi everyone!

I’m struggling to find any documentation about how to develop dashboard widgets using the app platform. I can see before 2019 this was done using a setting called ‘appType=DASHBOARD_WIDGET’ which is now deprecated, currently the app platform only supports ‘app’ and ‘lib’ types.

Reading this, and this conversations, I get the impression that dashboards widgets are a feature currently not supported by the app platform, but it will be available ‘soon’. Do we have any news about this?

To give some context, we are trying to create visualizations with custom time periods (e.g. last 3 weeks and 2 days) and one of the possible solutions we have thought is to create and experiment with a dashboard widget.

Any advice would be very helpful! Thank you!

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Víctor Mendoza

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Hi @Victor_Mendoza

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Like in the posts you mentioned, it’s not available out of the box but as @tzemp mentions that it’s still usable. On the other hand, the good news is (not yet news though) there is a great amount of effort being put into making something better. :pray: