COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker Package Released

@biruhtesfa did you experience any issues with importing the options and options sets? What version are you using?

Great work and thanks for the added info!

Thank you for the great documentation. Are there any plans to include biometric identification in the tracker ?
Bets regards

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Hi Stephane, we have had a project that uses a biometric link to Element, and I believe other implementations have used Simprints. We are exploring options now for native interoperability with both groups, although that work is not done yet.

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Hey @biruhtesfa what was wrong with the future date?

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I was using a future date of enrollment by mistake

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Hello team, thanks very much for this package release.

Has anyone used the metadata as a guide for 2.31 so far? And if so, are there things we need to watch out for?

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Thanks for the update…!!:pray:

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It’s been great to see so much productive discussion about the launch of this COVID-19 package!

We have created a new category on the Community of Practice for ongoing conversations and support questions about this package and other DHSI2 work related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

We are working on an FAQ and other documentation that we will post soon. You are also welcome to post your own questions, issues, ideas, and recommendations for us there.


This is so great, @maxk!

It is going to be so productive and so fast for anyone to get someone else’s opinions/ideas and support as expected!

Keep up the great work :pray:



Good Job,
We have already import the Case-based surveillance tracking and now we want to get the metadata for Contact Registration and Follow-up Tracker. This isn’t yet deployed to this web site for COVID19.

Thanks you for your help.


Hi Carolyn

One thing you will have to watch out for is the single value chart. Chances are you will get some import errors, as this type of chart is only available in 2.33+. We haven’t done extensive testing on importing to 2.31, but it might make sense to remove these charts from the installation file prior to importing.

If you are using it as a guide and creating your own configuration, then most of the functionality of the tracker program should work well.

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Thanks Shurajit. We did try to remove the charts both from the object ‘charts’ as well as ‘dashboard items’ - There were only 4 of these. In addition we had to change a couple of shortnames which coincided with those from our option sets.

It creates most elements till program and then stalls…

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Hey @Carolyn_Tauro,
Could you send me your server logs on a direct message?


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Hi all,

We are supporting the MoH of Angola to implement this package. One question: do we have the portuguese version?

Thank you,


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As far as I know HISP Mozambique has started working on a Portuguese translation of the package. It will be available soon.

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Hi! just spoke with them. Thank you


Hi Claudia and everyone else interested.
Eduardo Mondlane University - Faculty of Medicine with the Ministry of health in Mozambique made a whole translation to Portuguese.

If you are interested please let me know.


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Thank you soo much guys for that effort.

Kind regards,

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New and updated COVID-19 Surveillance Packages are now released!

Read the announcement here: Additional COVID-19 Data Packages are released!

And find the documentation and download links here:


Thanks Max.

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