COVID-19 Package Videos Released

Hi everyone!

We have released a series of new videos covering different areas of our COVID-19 packages. We have grouped them together for you on a YouTube playlist here:

Here is a quick description of the various demonstrations/presentations that are available. You can click on the headings to be taken to the video:

This is a presentation that gives an overview of the different types of packages that are being offered. Have a look at this overview if you are unsure which package you would like to review, or are interested in general information about the packages.

Reviews the different resources that are available on the dhis2 COVID-19 website : This includes both technical guidance as well as guidance meant for a more general audience.

These next 3 videos are a series, please view them in order!

Part 1 : Cased Based Surveillance and Contact Registration & Follow – Up
Part 1 of 3. Discusses the case based surveillance tracker program. This program covers aspects of clinical examination and diagnosis, lab testing and recording the health outcome.

Part 2 : COVID-19 Cased Based Surveillance and Contact Registration & Follow – Up
Part 2 of 3. Discusses the contact registration & follow-up program. This includes how we can use the relationships feature to link contacts to an index case, a description of the contact registration & follow-up program and registering the case in the case based surveillance program if they require further monitoring.

Part 3 : COVID-19 Cased Based Surveillance and Contact Registration & Follow - Up
Part 3 of 3. Discusses the dashboard as well the analytics outputs that have been made based on the case based surveillance program in particular. Additional types of analyses that can also be created using the in-built tools within DHIS2 are also discussed.

End of the series!

Port of Entry
This demonstration discusses the port of entry package, including the workflow of the program, entering data into tracker capture and some of the analysis outputs that are included with the package

Event Surveillance Line Listing
This demonstration reviews the event surveillance line listing package. This package uses the event model. A review of the data entry form and analytical outputs are provided in this overview.

This demonstration reviews the aggregate package. A review of the different data sets that are provided along with validation rules and analytical outputs are covered in this overview.

This demonstration discusses using the packages on an Android device. The case-based surveillance tracker program is used as an example to discuss functionality, including offline support.