Clarification needed - are deactivated TEI enrollments included in Program Indicators?


The user manual is not clear on this topic, partially because the nomenclature is mixed up - the term “deactivated” is used synonymously with “canceled”. For me, “canceled” has a different intuitive meaning than deactivated, but both terms do not clearly convey if the data for all practical purposes are “softDeleted”. When something is softdeleted, it is marked as deleted (and thus excluded from all analysis and reporting) but not physically removed from the database.

If you deactivate a TEI enrollment, it becomes “read-only” - the data remains, but you cannot add or edit it further. That is fine - the question is whether such deactivated data is automatically excluded from all program indicators and other reporting tools?

If deactivated TEI enrollments are NOT excluded - how can I differentiate between active and deactivated enrollments when designing program indicators?

The background for this is disease surveillance, where some notifications are found to be incorrect (the disease turned out to be something else which is NOT notifiable) - managers want to “deactivate” or else tag such notifications as “de-notified”, BUT they also want to keep the data in the system and now and then analyse the composition of such “de-notified” cases to for instance identify needs for better training of clinicians on identifying certain diseases.




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