Can't Manually Write in GPS Coordinates into Event Capture

In 2.36.4 and 2.36nightly (and not in 2.35.8 nor 2.37.0) on play, when I change the antenatal care visit program to capture GPS enabled (point), I’m not able to type in the coordinates of latitude and longitude. I can click the map to add lat and long, and I can remove those values, but I can’t type anything in, edit anything that’s been selected.

Anyone seen anything like this? Find it hard to believe this hasn’t come up previously—surely I’m missing something!

can't write in gps coordinates 2.36.4

In the above, I’m trying (frantically!) to add in numbers into the space, to no avail.

@tiha or @chase.freeman not sure if you’ve seen anything like this before and have a strange workaround for me? All ears!

@Gassim welcome any insight here. Couldn’t find anything on this, so also created a ticket: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA


Thank you! I added the label CoP to the Jira issue. If I have any updates, I will share with you. I also added my vote. Thank you for sharing.


An update here: Data Elements set to “Coordinate” also do not allow manual entry of latitude or longitude.

As a workaround, I’ve created two DEs Longitude and Latitude, and created a program rule with action for when both DEs have value to concatenate the values into the Coordinate DE, enveloped with [] and split by a “,”. This also does not function. Interestingly, if I change the DE coordinate from Coordinate to Text field, the value in the back is congruent with a randomly selected GPS coordinate (using the map feature) in DHIS2: Coordinate: [-0.071754,51.518149] Text field: [-0.071754,51.518149] . Can’t figure out why the rule assignment doesn’t work, thus.

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Thank you for sharing @Matthew_Boddie! But does the workaround work for now? It does seem like a very complicated process. (:

BTW, @Matthew_Boddie you said in the first post that it works in 2.37.0 but I’m trying to manually type in the enrollment point in the play instance and it’s not working either.

2.37dev and coordinates

I am talking of the capture app and in an event program—see quick gif. Didn’t test enrollment, but very interesting it doesn’t work on that side in 2.37

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