Cannot Running DHIS2 on Docker Container (v2.36)

Anyone can help ?
I can running DHIS2 on docker container with “dhis2/core:2.36.4-embargoed-tomcat-9.0.27-jdk11-openjdk-slim” image. When I see the logs look like “main ERROR Unable to create file dhis.log Permission denied”

Hi @Kusuma_Ningrat,

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Please what operating system are you using? And what is the architecture of you device? For example, other users who have Big Sur M1 Mac have faced this issue: Docker on macOS Big Sur - #3 by Michael_Mwebaze

Is there a reason why you’re using specifically that image? Why not try one of the latest images for version 2.36 here

Please add the log (without the sensitive info) if you face any new issue. I hope you add as much necessary info for the experts to know exactly what is causing the error.

Thank you !

Hello @Gassim

Thank you for your time to reply.

Here is my operating system details.

Actually I have tried the latest version also, but still got that error.
Here is my error

Hello @Kusuma_Ningrat,

Could you please share some details about how you’re actually running the application?

Depending on your use case the DHIS2 CLI might be of assistance.

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