Cannot move to next stage in tracker capture app

I am new to DHIS2 and am trying to pilot it in one of our programs (immunization)…i am using DHIS2 version on server, I have set the program with all its related data elements , option sets and attributes however when i come to registering an instance :

1- the mandatory fields don’t show as mandatory such as child first name, gender,…etc.

2- it allows for registering an empty form , which it shouldnt be the case.

3- when i press save and continue the page does not move anywhere, when i press f12 i find all of these errors

Can anyone assist me with this please???
Thank you in advance

There’s been a related topic post (Mandatory TEAs in Tracker Program able to be saved when empty, & not clearly labelled) and I’d like to quote @markus:

If submitting data with a user that has the ALL authority, they would be allowed to save data without mandatory fields. In Capture we have chosen to have the fields appear mandatory even for users with the ALL authority - even though these users would be able to submit data without this restriction.

It would be good with a confirmation weather this was reproduced with a superuser(ALL) or not. If it is a superuser, the behavior described would be the expected one and we can close the issue.

@Haliz.t please check that this is not happening to a user with an ALL authority. If it is then please test with a user without the ALL authority.

Thank you!


Dear @Gassim
Hello again and thank you for your reply, it was very beneficial and it indeed solved the first problem … My very concern now is the inability of moving to second stage …i hope you can assist me with that too.
Best Regards and much appreciation

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Thanks a lot! Glad to help!

Could you please explain that second part further? It would be great if you could share the steps to reproduce that (inability to move to second stage) in any of the instances.