Mandatory TEAs in Tracker Program able to be saved when empty, & not clearly labelled

We have some TEAs marked as ‘Mandatory’ in a Tracker Program but still the registration/enrolment can be done with these fields empty. Also they are not labelled/marked with an asterix ‘*’ or in a red background.
It is needing us to create Program Rules to make sure the TEA field is filled in, which is cumbersome…

Can easily check/test this in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone for the ‘MNCH / PNC (Adult Woman)’ Tracker Program, with the following TEAs marked as Mandatory but still able to save with them empty:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth

A JIRA bug was raised last year but has no updates.

If anyone can help that would be grand.
Ta muchly

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G’day @dmnscar

Thank you for the detailed post! I am following up with the developers on this issue. Just want to also let you know that it’s working the Capture app. :+1:

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Hi @Gassim, thanks for the quick reply.
Markus kindly added a note in the JIRA bug with an explanation of user access rights & after some further testing I realised the Mandatory function is enforced & labelled appropriately for users without the ALL/Superuser authority (which I was unwittingly using in our local instance & the Play server).
This solves the initial query I had.
Thanks again mate