Cannot load Dashboars suddenly

Dear All experts

Suddenly dashboards of all users of the National HMIS system are not loading for the last couple of days. There is nothing in the dhis.log. But there is an error on the page below. We are using dhis2.33.10-SNAPSHOT

dashboards.js:192 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘name’)
at dashboards.js:192:23
at ()
at J (dashboards.js:185:28)
at dashboards.js:33:25
at w (runtime.js:63:1)
at Generator._invoke (runtime.js:282:1)
at Generator.e. [as next] (runtime.js:116:1)
at r (asyncToGenerator.js:3:1)
at s (asyncToGenerator.js:25:1)

It seems that the dashboard’s name might be an issue; any idea where should we look for the issue to resolve. Urgently require your support

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Not sure if it’s a name issue or not based on the error, but if you suspect it is you could look at the dashboards updated the last few days and see if there are anysuspicious names/characters:

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I suspect it’s related to the user that created the dashboard. @Hannan feel free to contact me in a DM.

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Thanks. Jan and Olav

We solved the problem; it was related to the user.


hi @Hannan would you kindly explain a bit more on this issue and how we solved, it will be interesting and helpful for us and future readers

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Gald it worked!

And yes please @Hannan! I add my request with @jthomas. Thank you!

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