Cannot Create Options for Yes/No or Yes Only Option Sets

I’ve created a Jira ticket but am sharing with the CoP since it is a common/core feature.

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Also this is the feature I really need – Multiple Select in Tracker: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

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Thanks Chase! I see your comment in the Jira issue:

After discussing with some colleagues - it doesn’t make much sense to have these value types as they are self-contained option sets already.

The multiple select implementation would make the most since here.

@chase.freeman, so we can close this topic post?

The discussion about the multiple select implementation can be continued here: Does any version of DHIS2 Supports Multiple drop down selection? and I’ve sent your comments to the developers.


Yes you can close it as a point of discussion - however, it is still a “bug” that exists in the interface.

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