Does any version of DHIS2 Supports Multiple drop down selection?

Does DHIS2 Supports multiple select drop down in any version?

No, there’s no such data type. Option sets only allow single selection. However you can work around that limitation with multiple yes only data elements under a same section. Not a drop-down per se but mimics the same result.

Hey @Roshan.Konda, as you can see the dropdown menu is new, it’s in the Capture app in version 2.36.0.

Is it on Tracker Capture or Capture app?

I believe for now it’s just in the Capture app, but there’s a note at the top of this document, I’ll just quote it:


The Capture app serves as a replacement for the Event Capture app. In the future, the Tracker Capture app and the Data Entry app will also be incorporated into the Capture app.