Can make two dhis2 server sync data and metadata each other?


I don’t know whether I can configure two server to sync metadata and data each other?


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You can synchronize metadata and data of multiple instances of dhis.
All the help could be found in this documentation :

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At WHO we have been working on an application to synchronize metadata and data between two or multiple other DHIS2 instances containing similar or different metadata. You may want to try it out! You can define subsets of metadata and schedule synchronization of each subset at different time intervals.

It also allows to exchange data between DHIS2 instances with different metadata by allowing for mapping these instances and applying the corresponding data transformation while the data is sync on the fly.

It has helped us a lot to manage several DHIS2 implementations! Hoping it helps you too.

The latest release is described here: MetaData Sync app 2.2.0 now available