Blank TEI information in Overdue events report

Hi all,
When extracting the Overdue events report from tracker capture, some TEI data is missing, for example (Epi Unique Identifier (EPI), First Name, Surname, Father’s Name, and Date of Birth) as shown in the image, although this information is mandatory data during data entry and all data What is missing within the report is present in the input interface
Please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible

Hi @jamal_aljadan
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Please share the steps to reproduce. Are you downloading the file as CSV or XLS? Could you get the API request from the Network tab (F12 - browser developer tools)? It could be that there’s a conflict because of the Arabic text. One faster way to test this is to change the values for one of these TEIs to English and check if you still get an empty row.

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim
I appreciate your help, and I am delighted to join the dhis2 community.
First of all:
1- yes, I downloaded the overdue events file as CSV, but the problem is still the same the TEI data is missing.
2- I got the API request link from the Network tab, but I noticed there is missing TEI data in the Backend, and API can’t get TEI data as shown in the image.

3- I changed the value for one of the TEIs to English all values appear in a row empty without the Unique System Identifier (EPI), and the event appears in two rows, as shown in the image
Note: When extracting the upcoming events report from capture the tracker works fine in Arabic without any data loss, so I think the problem is not related to language

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Thanks for sharing the info!

What version of dhis2 are you using? Would you be able to reproduce this on any of the instances? If yes, please share the steps to reproduce so we could get the error logs / sample file to check.

Thank you!

I am using the 2.37.4 version of dhis2.
The steps to reproduce the Overdue events report: login to demo instances 2.37.8.
Insert the Tracker capture after that, click on reports, then click on Overdue events after that, choose Ngelehun CHC from Organisation Unit, then choose from the Program section Child Programme then will appear Overdue events report as list

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It all appears good in 2.37.8 on play. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue (were you?) but maybe there’s more that we can do.

Please check what are the system language settings for database and interface?

Is there a way you can import dummy data using the Import / Export app and share it so we could try to import it into the play instance and see if the issue is reproduced?


Hello @Gassim
The problem was resolved by creating a backup of the database and restoring it.
After that, the Overdue reports are working fine.

Note : It was discovered that the problem occurs with the user who is working through Android App only


Hi @jamal_aljadan

If this happens again, would you please let us know before restoring database, because we need to investigate further on this.



Hello @Caroline

Thanks for your interest.
Now everything is working fine. If the problem recurs, I will contact you.


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