Android capture 2.7.1 offline data missing

Dear COP Members,

We recently upgraded one of our DHIS2 instances and now using DHIS2 Capture 2.7.1. The app seems to be sending all tracker data to the server and users have to be online to search for already enrolled records. If they are offline, then the programs shows 0 persons/events. Is this a bug or a configuration issue? We need users to be able to download records and keep them offilne. I can’t seem to find any configuration on Android Settings app. Any help

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Hello @WaluQ .

This should not be the case. The Android App should download TEI and events for you to be able to use offline. Which version of the DHIS2 server are you using? Is this happening in every device?

We are using DHIS2 v2.39.1, Build revision: d1eb55c. This was reported from the field and I tried it on my device. Steps to reproduce, register a TEI into a program, then enrol same TEI into another program with repeating stages and some events, synchronize with the server and all events sync and change the number of events to 0, number of TEIs also changed back to 0. if you turn off the internet and search for the TEI no results are found, when you turn the internet back on, the server record is returned.

I am sorry to let you know that there seems to be an issue with 2.39.1 and the Android App as announced here:

We are trying to fix this issue as quick as possible by the release of a by I am uncertain about the times (I will update eventually when I know more about this).

On a side note, and in order to improve our communications channel. As you missed that communication, do you think we could have done better by including the annoucenment in the web? In the Android App download? Please provide some feedback if you don’t mind. Thanks a lot.


Thank you @jaime.bosque for the information. Because we had issues with 2.39.0, we updated to 2.39.1 as soon as it was released but I notice the communication not to update came a day after meaning I should have been able to see it before upgrading. I think sending such notifications via email would be more effective since we mostly don’t visit the COP every day. We’ll wait for the next release for now.

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Thank you very much for the feedback, @WaluQ

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Thanks for this info! Please know that email messages are being sent from the #announcements category only for the first post; however, if you’d like to receive emails for the entire thread, it possible to update the notification settings in your profile (from here):

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@jaime.bosque, this issue is still present after upgrading to DHIS2 v2.39.1.1 and Android Once the Android app syncs, the events are TEIs are sent to the Server and when you search for the TEI on the Tablet, the previous synced events do not show up. When you try to re-create the event, sync fails since ‘can’t sync because tei already is enrolled on this program.’

Hi @mutali . Coud you give me access to a testing instance so I can reproduce? And you confirm that the events can be seen there from the web app, no?


Yes sure , I will sent it in private message

Sure let me send.

I think you were wrongly tagged here?

Sorry guys, I was dealing with two similar issues and mixed up the names. Will follow in private with both of you. :slight_smile:

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