ANDROID APP: need some improvement

Hi there,

I have few tracker programs and we have decided to start use Android app. But I found there following things, which in our opinion should be improved:

  • options in the dropdown list: if the there are long text option it doesn’t fit into the screen. I have tried to render options horizontally, but that is not clear for the final user and makes confusion
  • my tracker runs in few different countries, which are required translation into different languages. Is there any possibility somehow make a those translations in Transifex?
  • I have a field, which use the number of events inside each enrollment. Although the variable declared as positive integer, I can see .0 in the result string, when concatenate text and numbers.

Maybe anyone has an experience and can share how these problems were solved?
Thank you.
regards, Ulanbek

Thank you so much for sharing your opinions and experience @Ulanbek!

Would it be possible if you add a screenshot? [you can take screenshots using the training app by logging into the play demo, see Assets → dhis2-v2.5_training.apk]
@Ulanbek for this one if the text doesn’t appear in the screen, I’d recommend you create a jira bug issue on, would you like to create it? Thank you!

Would it be possible if you create a new topic specifically for this one because it is a different topic (or I can help in creating one if you want).

Are you using a program rule for this? Would you please share the rule?

Thank you for sharing and inviting others share their experiences! :pray:


Hi @ulanbeek.

I will be adding more information to @Gassim 's post, in any case

  1. For the translations, as you know we rely on the community for translations. You can check this post from @Pablo : Translations of the Android App v2.5 and translations in languages that are not yet translated are very very welcome. If you are talking about a language not listed there please let us know.
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More info, @Ulanbek

  1. I just made a quick test, can you confirm this is what is happening (more or less) with you very long options?

Created the JIRA: [ANDROAPP-4542] - Jira

Hello @jaime.bosque

Thank you for your message. Yes, this is exactly what I meant.

Do you have any solutions?

Regards, Ulanbek

@jaime.bosque thanks for the link provided!

Hi @Ulanbek .

At the moment this will probably require a patch fix. If you need an immediate solution you could change the display option to vertical radio buttons. Which might not be idea but is the only thing I can think about now that could fix the problem immediately.

Please follow the JIRA for updates.


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Hi @Jaime,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I know it will take a time, but anyway the problem was raised and it is on the way to be solved. Waiting for the next release.

Thank you.

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