Maps app not working (solved by clearing cache)

I have dhis2 version 2.36.8 war map apps is not working how to fix it?

Hi @Saleh_Shams,
Welcome back to the community! :tada: Please create a new topic post describing what’s not working with the Maps app in your instance and if you’re able to reproduce this on

It’s helpful to open the browser’s developer tools (F12) and select the Network tab so that when the error appears you can take a screenshot of the error and share it in the topic.

Thank you!

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Saleh try this link and see if you can reproduce the error to see if it is your instance that is acting up, or it is a general problem.

Good luck,

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thank you ok i will do

thank you it is working for me the problem was the cached of the
browser i have clear all the cached and Cookies from the browser.