Actual report Greater than Expected Report

Dear All, for some reason which we couldn’t identify it seems like the Actual report becomes greater than the Expected report, therefore we would like to know what could be the issue.
your quick response will be highly appreciated.


I believe you must have either:

  1. Indicator miscalculated (extra data added/subtracted or indicator calculation filter is wrong, check the type of analytics)
  2. You have entered wrong data
  3. Try to check analytical period boundaries if this is program indicator.

Otherwise can’t see any other issues

Regards, Ulanbek


Thank you for your response Mr @Ulanbek I will try to use the options that you have mentioned, and in case of anything, I will give you feedback. Thanks again

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Hi James,

Another potential issue is that if you use a Category Combination on your data set (effectively a drop-down at the top of your data set that enables different versions of the form to be captured, eg a version for each donor), then this might be confusing the calculation. Eg if your users capture three different versions of the form, then “actual” reports (numerator) will be 3, but your “expected” reports (denominator) will still be 1, so you’ll see 300% data completeness…

See the discussion at Daily DataSet, Reporting rate Summary empty - #4 by didate.

Cheers, Sam.


I think dhis2 don’t version the “expected” reports over periods.
So the expected is always the number of orgunits in the dataset when the analytics did run.
So if you changed the assigned orgunits (by removing, adding orgunits) this might affect past periods.