Daily DataSet, Reporting rate Summary empty


The Reporting rate summary module show nothing for my datasets. I’ve manually executed analytics but data not showing.

I’ve verified analytics completeness table in the database, here is some results

And there is no error in browser side

I’m using dhis 2.36.9

The problem comes from the fact that my DataSets have category combinations, when I remove the category combination the reporting rate works.

Reporting rate doesn’t work with datasets that have category combinations ?

Thanks @didate! Sorry for the late response.

It would be helpful if you could reproduce this on play and share the steps here.

Could you check if there are any errors in the Catalina.out log and share it (without the sensitive info)?

Thank you!

Hello @Gassim

I’ve tested on play (2.36.11), but it doesn’t work.

There is no error in the catalina log file.

This seems to be known issue. See this comment from @SamuelJohnson


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Hi @didate!

I need to study category combinations and work on them a little bit more so I thought it’d be best to help by asking @jason for support on this.

Thank you!

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Many thanks @Gassim. Am keen to hear what @jason thinks, as I think this might be quite a long-standing bug with the data completeness/timelines feature.

Thanks, Sam.

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