Accessing category option for program having a category combination in program rules

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Is there a way to access the category option of a category combination assigned to a program ? I have seen one can access the org unit variable i.e. V{orgunit_code} and use this to change screen behavior using rules, the same should be possible for programs with an assigned category combination. Is this currently possible and what is the variable name?


Facing same use case and looking forward to a solution.

I have created a single event program for an HIVST kit distribution with different distribution channels setup as an attribute cat. combo.

I need to create a variable that I can reference on the program rules for this channels to hide some DE that are only relevant to a specific channel.


However the cat. combo attribute is not among the options of source type when creating the program rules.



HI @tiha and @David_Muturi1, Tagging the @dhis2-tracker team to advise on this.

Same issue as the above. Would love to be able to integrate my Category Option selections into meaningful Program Rules.

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This topic is still an issue in 2.35.1 --not seeing an option to include a Category Option as a prule variable. Does anyone have suggestions for how to deal with using COs to filter/affect program data elements?

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Thanks @mhenry for bringing this back! Would love to see it in a future version