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The Regional Academies: Throughout the year and across Africa, Asia, we are running:
The Level 1 : Tracker, Information Use, Design&Customization
The Level 2: Data Quality, Server Administration, CHIS, Disease Surveillance, Android Implementation, Disease Surveillance, Web Apps development, Android Developers, Tracker level 2 and more to come.

This forum will not only give you the opportunity to know more about our training programs, but to also connect with your fellow DHIS2 Users.


Hi Alice,

I would like to enroll on the regional academies for both courses. Just wanted to know, are those courses cover everything for setting up server and manage. Which is very Important for me from a project management point of view. The course titles are not very clear, the topics covered in the course also not very clear. If I enroll on any of the courses offered by DHIS2, I will need ensure I can achieve the best out of it as none of the courses are organized in North American Region. I need to pay for the course and need to travel all the way to attend that.

Thank you once again for the information on the courses, some more information will be very helpful for me and for others would like to learn about DHIS2.


Hi Imran,

Not sure where you have looked, but you can find a lot of details about each of the 3 regional Level 1 courses on dhis2.org/academy (scroll down).

You will also see that there is a dedicated Level 2 course for server administration if that’s the topic you are most interested in.

Have a look at the website and let us know if you have further questions.

On your comment on HISP and HISP Bangladesh in particular I am not following you. HISP Bangladesh recently hosted a regional DHIS2 Academy in Dhaka where they trained participants from many countries in the region on DHIS2, and a core part of their daily work is to build capacity in the ministry of health in Bangladesh.


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Hi Ola,

Thanks so much for the supportive information. Did some research on the link you have provided and found the following:

  1. DHIS2 Academy, Level 1: Tracker - which sounds like for programmatic then technical
  2. DHIS2 Academy, Level 1: Design and Customization - I believe this is what I am looking for (Please correct me, if I am wrong)
  3. DHIS2 Academy Level 2: Disease Surveillance - doesn’t sound like it covers anything related to server configuration and management.

The response will be highly appreciated. I am in a process to get registered for a right course for the upcoming courses.

Thanks again,

Hi Imran,

If you want to learn how to host DHIS2 (server management; postgres, tomcat, nginx, linux environment etc.) the course you should be looking for is: “DHIS2 Academy Level 2: Server Administration”. We usually host at least two events of that course per year and unfortunately you’ll need to wait for 2019 for the next one. The academy calendar for 2019 is not ready yet, so we can’t tell you right now where and when the next server admin course will take place. Keep monitoring https://www.dhis2.org/academy for updates to academy events.

If you also want to learn how to configure a DHIS2 instance I recommend attending the Design and Customisation course.


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