About the Server Administration - Administration-du-Serveur category

This category is dedicated to discussion and exchange of information related to all issues of DHIS2 server administration.

  • The kind of people who might be interested in this category are those who are directly involved in DHIS2 server implementation and maintenance.

  • Examples of topics which are not relevant here are “How do I configure OrgUnitGroupSets?” or “Why is sharing not working with my DataElements”

  • Relevant topics might relate to “the choice of operating system”, “whether to use containers or virtual machines”, “what is a good centralised logging solution”, “how much shared memory should I allocate for postgresql” etc

  • We want to use this category to develop an on-going community of practice in this quite specialised area of DHIS2 implementation. Please be cordial, helpful and encouraging to others.


Hi James,

Nicely worded!

Thank you very much for this.

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Credits for this should go to the one and only @bobj :smile:



Thanks for the Server Community. I am Stephen Ocaya from HISP Uganda.


Charged for containerized discussions. :+1:

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Thank you for this @jomutsani

I am one of the maintainers of the Guinea conakry national DHIS 2 server(set of virtual machines) and it arrived to have some challenges some time. I am looking forward to come with questions specially about best choices when virtualizing/containers.


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