Zeros on Pivot tabe and data set report

Good day,

I have recently upgraded from 2.31.9 to 2.36.0. I am now having issues with zero data values showing on data set report and pivot table like it did on previous version. Please assist where I could have done wrong. I have run the analytics as required. I have realized that 0 data values have been long left on version 2.32, if I am not wrong because I am sure in 2.33 there are not there. Other values are populated except the 0 data values.

Please assist

Another user was having a similar issue @tshidi.moroma so I’d like to start by asking this question so you’d review the settings,

Thanks for your response @Gassim

I’m on 2.36.0 an there is no option to Skip zero data values in analytics tables. But still even when unchecked on version 2.33 the zeros are not showing on Pivot table and on data set report.