Zeros on Pivot tabe and data set report

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I have recently upgraded from 2.31.9 to 2.36.0. I am now having issues with zero data values showing on data set report and pivot table like it did on previous version. Please assist where I could have done wrong. I have run the analytics as required. I have realized that 0 data values have been long left on version 2.32, if I am not wrong because I am sure in 2.33 there are not there. Other values are populated except the 0 data values.

Please assist

Another user was having a similar issue @tshidi.moroma so I’d like to start by asking this question so you’d review the settings,

Thanks for your response @Gassim

I’m on 2.36.0 an there is no option to Skip zero data values in analytics tables. But still even when unchecked on version 2.33 the zeros are not showing on Pivot table and on data set report.

Please bring back the old reports module. That module works fine. The discovery made on this new one from 2.33 it does not download custom data sets its only downloads basic data sets.

Hi @tshidi.moroma,

I am sorry you are experiencing this issue. I have tested the issue on and I am not seeing the same issue regarding showing zeros. Please upgrade to 2.36.3 and let us know if that fixes the issue. You also need to upgrade to address a security concern in 2.36.0.

We also highly encourage to you begin to use the data visualizer application to make pivot tables. Starting in the 2.37 release the pivot tables app will no longer be supported as we have moved all of the functionality of that app into the data visualizer application.

Please let us know if the issue continues after you have upgraded to 2.36.3.

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Update: I see in this jira issue that the feature was removed in 2.36. I still wonder if there is a way to force zero values to show in pivot tables in 2.36 and wonder why the feature was removed.

Hi all… Can someone summarize the availability of the Skip zero data values in analytics tables? It looks like it existed in 2.35 but does not exist in 2.36? In 2.36.3 which we are testing, zeros do not appear in pivot tables (is this the default?) either via the “old” Pivot Tables app or the Data Visualizer app. Is there a way to change this setting in 2.36?

@LauraLincks and @tshidi.moroma
It is very unfortunate that sometimes the DHIS2 team does not think how that will affect before removing certain features!
0 and BLANK has 2 completely different meaning. 0 = something was reported as 0, and BLANK = I am not reporting the incident (or in some cases ‘non-reported’). So when the pivot draws - you definitely would like to know who reported 0 and who did not report.
We are in a same situation in 2.35, we have people reporting stock status end of month, some reported 0, which means they are stockout. And when we make the report it ignores those 0’s and make it blank!! Think about the consequence - you miss the most important indicator - stockout sites!!!

@Scott when you said it is behaving OK…did you put 0 as value in the element and came to see in the pivot report that it is showing that 0 instead of BLANK?

@Mahmud @LauraLincks @tshidi.moroma,

The skip zero values in analytics tables was intentionally removed for 2.36.

The reason it was removed its the huge benefit of skipping zero values in analytics. There are almost no situations where the trade-off between having zero values in analytics and the extra database size and generation time favors zeros. Zero values will still be stored and shown in the analytics if the data element is set to store zero values.


We certainly appreciate that for many data values there is a meaningful difference between a zero and a blank value. We have extensive support, trainings, documentation, etc, for how to monitor for zero values entered representing a stockout. You can find how to monitor for these here. Day 5: Predictors and Indicators with Scott - YouTube @GeorgeMcGuire could provide additional support if you need.

Regarding the bug, I have tested in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone both data elements that store zeros and as well as data elements to do not store zeros. I have seen the analytics showing zeros for the data elements that should store zeros and no zero values for data elements that should not be storing zero values.

Please provide us steps to reproduce this bug. I might be missing something.

Also again, you need to upgrade to 2.36.3. The 2.36.0 release has a major security issue that makes your instance vulnerable for a data breach.

All the best,

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See the following data entry screen having one product reported as 0 balance, another one having value and the third one having no value.

Now see the pivot table:

The 0 is stored in database (no doubt about it), but it is not usable in reports and visualization. As of your earlier mails this is correct behavior, I understand.

This is 2.36.

Thank you everyone for the responses and explanations. On a test instance of the same database the instance have been upgraded to 2.36.3 and the same issue still persists.

We will upgrade the live instance to 2.36.3.


Steps to replicate in Play 2.36.3 with Expenditures dataset:

  1. Change data elements to store zero values

  1. Enter data in the data set for several periods and complete them

  1. Run analytics

  1. in data visualizer select data elements, periods and org unit

  1. Update, hoping to see “0s” but it shows no data