Zero to Specialist

i wold like to know how can i do to improve my knowledge to be one expert in tracker implementation, have a way to learn or someone that can teach me. I’m also available to have a online trainees to become expert, it can be non remunerete training. it can be in English or Portuguese that are my 1st communication language

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Hi @IBitone

Thank you for sharing your goals and plan to learn DHIS2. Hopefully you will be able to find all the resources you need to become from ‘zero to specialist’ as you mentioned.

First, would like to remind you that there is a #connect:portugal category so feel free to post there as well in your language and communicate with people from your region. Most importantly, you are already on the right steps by joining the community and posting which will help you connect with others on the same journey including experts and the core team. You are always welcome to continue asking questions, sharing experiences and challenges, and sharing about what you are learning.

Second, the DHIS2 Academy is dedicated to providing the foundations and expert knowledge for people to specialize in the various learning pathways. You can learn more about which path to take by using the interactive diagram in the dhis2 site here.

Third, the first step would be to take the four DHIS2 Fundamentals course series mentioned in the post After completing the dhis2 fundamental courses, check out the Level 1 Academies (some DHIS2 courses are offered in Portuguese) here. Make sure you make note of the date of the academy and pay attention to the announcements so you are able to register on time.

Finally, remember to keep participating on the community! Keep you engaged with others, their user stories, challenges, will boost your learning experience and definitely increase your potential in becoming a specialist.

Thank you!


Hi @IBitone,

I think the resources that @Gassim shared are a great way to build your expertise.

What sort of Tracker projects will you be working on? That might help identify the specific Tracker skills you’ll need.

Cheers, Sam.


Hi @SamuelJohnson and @Gassim,

I work as Digital Health Officer and and in my Organization we have different Tracker Projects to build in the following areas: TB/HIV, Nutrition, SRH, GBV; home visits, mentorship.

So far I have taken the following DHIS2 Fundamentals course series:

  1. Introduction to DHIS2 52
  2. Aggregate Data Capture and Validation
  3. Aggregate Data Analysis 5
  4. Aggregate customization:
  5. DHIS2 Events Fundamentals

I also want to become a Tracker expert, so if there is any material/expertise related to the areas I mentioned for tracker Programs, please share.



At the moment I am using the DHIS2 Tracker for the HIV program so that the community agents can do the capture and as an M&E officer I have to do the validation of the information; critical analysis and discussion of the collected data and the subsequent sharing with the stackholders


Hi @IBitone and @fernandoshake,

Falo português e, como vocês trabalham para ONGs, ficarei feliz em oferecer a cada um de vocês uma sessão de ‘mentoring’ de uma hora, a fim de entender melhor os projetos em que estão trabalhando e identificar juntos conceitos e técnicas que possam ser útil ao seu trabalho. (@IBitone, recomendaria que fizesse os cursos online gratuitos “Intro to DHIS2” e “Events Fundamentals” antes de conversarmos.)

Estou muito ocupado neste momento, mas se estiver interessado em conversar, ficarei muito feliz em combinar uma chamada no início de janeiro - basta enviar-me uma mensagem para combinar.

Parabéns pela dedicação que vocês demonstram ao aprender o DHIS2 e boa sorte em seus estudos. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, Sam.


Já tenho certificados de [Introduction to DHIS2], [DHIS2 Fundamentals] o curso antigo que fechou em Maio e estou a 70% de finalizar o curso [DHIS2 Events Fundamentals], qual será o melhor meio de comunicação para as seções de mentoria.

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