Zero or positive integer TEA does not accept values > 1 billion

I have a TEA that is set to value type Zero or Positive Integer. When I type in a number that is 10 digits or more (still a positive number), I get an error. At 9 digits there is no error. Is there a different value type I should use for numbers over a billion?

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Note, same issue with DEs…

@kstankevitz yes, you are right, there is a maximum value size for “Positive Integer” data type. For example, the maximum value in Java is “2147483647.”

For serial numbers or numbers that don’t need mathematical calculations, it’s recommended to actually use a string and then use program rules to ensure the string is formatted properly. However, if these are actual numbers that need to be summed up or used in calculations then you’d need to use a number data type. This is the first time for me in the community to see a request for such big numbers so it’d be interesting to know the use case.

For now if these numbers are used in calculations I’d recommend creating several fields and splitting the number across then use a program indicator to calculate the sum. V1a + V1b + V1c ...etc = V1

Would you also like to create a feature request to include a data type that allows positive numbers greater than 2147483647? It’d be helpful to include the use case, please. If you create the request please remember to share the link here so other community members get to add their votes, comments, or watch for notifications.

Thank you! I hope this helps, if it answered your question please mark the solution.