Yes/No codes

Hi all,
I have encountered a problem downloading my instance data that I don’t know how to solve. See if any of you have seen it before.
I have a script to download my instance data and generate a csv. This script downloads the information from the dataelements.
If it is an option set, it downloads the code associated to each option.
If it is a yes/no data element, it downloads as VERDADERO or FALSO.
It also happens with the YES ONLY option.
Does anybody knows what is happening?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @cristina.barrena

Thank you for your question! It’s not easy to make a guess here because it’s not clear why it’d do that. Would you like to share steps to reproduce this issue on any of the instances?

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim ,
Thank you for your reply.

We have an own script in python that download our dataelements, so I cannot use it for the instances, because it works with the dataelements ID.

I tried to do a test with the program rules and program rule variables but it doesn’t work. Here the “code” for “yes only” and “yes/no” is true/false (in english).
I reviewed our language user in the instances and all of us have it in english.
We are using the 3.36.13 version of dhis2.

Maybe calling by the API to a dataelemnt YES/NO could work? I will try that.
Any idea for testing and replicate will be welcome :slight_smile: