XML file for ICD-10 code option set

Hi All,
Am using dhis2 version 2.37.xx

I want to create one option set for ICD-10 codes and was looking for the XML which was previously available on dhis2.org but can not find it now.

Can anyone please help me with the latest ICD-10 code xml or json or csv file

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Hi @shalaw

If you only need to import the ICD-10 codes as an option set then it’s possible to use the dhis2 integration-icd1x script which will generate the output file. To use it you need to make sure that you have Java 11, bash (to run the script), and as mentioned in the read me file other optional requirements are:

  • Docker(Optional), if using the local ICD API
  • ICD API keys(optional), if using the remote ICD API

Download the repository, extract the ZIP file into a folder, and use command line to navigate to the folder where the start.sh file is. After that use the command sh start.sh to generate the output file which can be imported into DHIS2. Please read the instructions in the read me page: GitHub - dhis2/integration-icd1x: Integration tool for ICD 10/11

I hope this helps. Please post back to the community with updates.